Congratulations Chef Rudy Rudolph

Bill’s By The Beach is proud of Chef Rudy’s performance and professionalism at the 6th annual World Food Championships. Chef Rudy won the WILD Chef Throw down Competition at Flora-Bama Yacht Club qualifying event for the 2017 World Food Championship. This year Chef Rudy placed in top 10 of the Chefs category. In 2016, he placed in the top 10 of the seafood category. Chef Rudy Rudolph, Tiffany Ramey, and Joshua Beaman well represented our people, our enterprise and our community. Continue reading »

New Thursday Steak Night


The most tender of steaks with an almost buttery texture; hand cut in-house and grilled to perfection. A favorite of those who prize tenderness above all else. 4 oz $10 | 8 oz $20 | 12 oz $28

Rich choice boneless hand cut beef that’s well marbled and deliciously juicy, lightly seasoned and grilled to order. 8 oz $14 | 14 oz $24 | 18 oz $30

Moderately tender with tight texture and definite grain with a bit of chew. Good marbling and a strong beefy flavor. 6 oz $8 | 12 oz $15

A side salad, with choice of dressing is included with each steak.
House Made Dressings: buttermilk ranch, herb blue cheese, red wine balsamic vinaigrette, Caesar, strawberry lemonade vinaigrette, mango vinaigrette and honey mustard. Continue reading »