Our Catch of the Day offerings are based upon the freshest, sustainable seafood available to us each day. Because most quality seafood species are available only during limited seasons during the year, our seafood offerings constantly change. We proactively source our seafood offerings from sources that are rated either “Green” or “Yellow” by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program. We serve only Wild American Shrimp. All fish and shrimp we serve are Wild Caught from the Gulf of Mexico or North American waters. We do not serve foreign sourced farm raised shrimp.

Our new Gulf Wild tag system tells you exactly when, where, and how your seafood was caught, and the path it took from the Gulf to your plate. You don’t have to guess or assume — know without a doubt that we are serving you the very best. Gulf Wild provides immediate online verification through its innovative TransparenSea, a completely transparent system for accountability that tracks fish back to their harvesting fishermen, vessels and locations. Gulf Wild confirms authenticity, sustainability and point of origin generating confidence with wholesalers, retailers, restaurateurs, and consumers.

Our Purveyors:
A&G Beverages • Alabama Crown Distributing Co. • Cheney Brothers, Inc. • Community Coffee Company, LLC • Evans Meats, Inc. • Fresh Seafood Distributors, LLC • Gulf Coast Produce of Alabama • International Wines & Craft Beer • Oakview Farms Granary • Pavone Imports • Pinnacle Imports • Seagrass Distribution • Sysco Gulf Coast, Inc. • United-Johnson Brothers of Alabama, LLC • US Foods, Inc.